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Fiona Sawney

PAL is making exceptional progress in Montenegro

In spite of its small size, small population and slow economic growth, the Balkan state of Montenegro took huge strides forward in animal welfare in 2017. And the Political Animal Lobby (PAL) has been there to help it.
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Zimbabwe municipality orders wandering donkeys to be shot

Lawlessness continues to prevail unabated in Zimbabwe and the latest victims are donkeys. The city council of Gweru recently ordered the shooting of wandering donkeys, even if they have owners. So far, 19 donkeys have died and council workers have even…
Hunting with Hounds

Huntsman is found guilty and fined

Hunter, George Adams, 66, was fined £1 000 (US$1 430) and ordered to pay costs and damages of £1 030 (US$1 475) when he was convicted and sentenced by the Peterborough Magistrates Court earlier this month for using hounds to kill a fox on 1 January 2016.
Dogs in Dubrovnik

Not in my backyard!

Finding a permanent solution for the street dogs of Dubrovnik is taking time and energy, but the Political Animal Lobby (PAL) won’t rest until hundreds of dogs that lead a precarious existence on the mountainside above Dubrovnik are properly housed…