Mato Frankovic welcomes Network for Animals to Dubrovnik

Street dogs of Dubrovnik / 10 June 2017

Mato Frankovic welcomes Network for Animals to Dubrovnik 1

By Lauren Simmonds

Dubrovnik’s newly elected Mayor gets to work on one of the city’s most pressing issues, animal welfare.

For many years, Sandra Sambrailo and her team of selfless volunteers have worked tirelessly to provide care, shelter, food and water to the stray, abandoned and even wild animals of Dubrovnik. The city had ignored its duty to provide a municipal shelter and for years, a makeshift “shelter” (Zarcovica) located high atop a rugged and unforgiving mountain was the only refuge for street dogs.

Sandra and her team rely on donations, good will and human decency to keep the shelter (which is often direly threatened by bad weather in the winter time) going. Whether it is 40+ degrees in the height of summer, below freezing in the winter, come rain or shine – Sandra is there. The animals she takes in are either rehomed or spend the remainder of their days with Sandra, no healthy animal or animal with treatable problems is ever euthanised.

The former mayor, Andro Vlahusic did absolutely nothing to help but his successor Mato Francovic has begun a long process that will see a municipal shelter constructed. Yesterday, the charismatic young Frankovic met with Brian Davies, the founder of the Network for Animals, and his team of animal lovers to discuss the situation in Dubrovnik.

Frankovic plans to build a shelter in the city for the animals and explained his aim to the London-based association of animal lovers. Following the development of the necessary permits and documentation, construction will begin and unlike the current shelter at Zarcovica, it will be properly equipped with all the necessary appliances to make sure the animals, whether on a short or permanent stay, have the absolute best care possible.

Frankovic’s humane decision was readily praised by Brian Davies and his team.