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PAL knows our supporters will do anything in their power to help animals. In some instances, helping animals means making the right choices. If you are a voter in the UK, this database will help you to determine the stance of every public representative on a range of animal welfare issues. It should help you to identify animal-friendly individuals who are worth voting for.

What does your representative stand for?

Stop the badger cullBan hunting with houndsSupport animal sentienceBan ivory trade
Stephen Kinnock Aberavon N/A N/A For For
Conservative Guto Bebb Aberconwy N/A N/A Against N/A
SNP Kirsty Blackman Aberdeen North N/A N/A For N/A
Conservative Ross Thomson Aberdeen South N/A N/A Absent N/A
SNP Neil Gray Airdrie and Shotts N/A Against For N/A

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