About the Political Animal Lobby

The Political Animal Lobby (PAL) is an organisation for people who care about animals and accept that many animal welfare issues can only be resolved through a political process.

PAL lobbies public representatives and governments to improve legislation that affects animal welfare. The organisation works to ensure that governments are informed about animal welfare issues, that legislation is enforced and that all forms of media are alert to abuse and cruelty.

PAL’s supporters help the organisation’s cause by making donations, signing petitions and taking direct action.

PAL chooses to work within systems rather than outside them.

PAL’s headquarters are in England, but it is active throughout the world − wherever political lobbying is needed to improve the welfare of animals.

PAL is a sister organisation to Network for Animals (NFA), a not-for-profit organisation in the UK. It is also registered as a charity in the UK as Network for Animals Charitable Trust. PAL focuses on vital political work for animals, NFA focuses on direct help to animals through funding, advice and the raising of public awareness. The organisations share information, but take different routes towards achieving the overall goal of improving animal welfare.