Video shows heroic dog rescue

General / 5 April 2018

Video shows heroic dog rescue 1

Police have released footage of the moment a dog was rescued from a house fire in the US state of Virginia.

The footage was captured by a body camera worn by officer Jacob Moore and released by the Buena Vista Police Department to praise his heroic efforts.

In the footage, Mr. Moore can be seen searching the smoke-filled house for the dog and comforting the family pet before carrying it to safety.

“This is such a heartwarming film,” said Brian Davies, Network for Animals founder.

“We spend such a large part of our time publicising and raising money to ameliorate the pain and trauma that some humans being inflict on animals, and particularly dogs. But this story shows that there are heroes all over the world who are willing to go to extreme lengths to rescue and properly care for ‘man’s best friend’”.

Davies confirmed that no one was injured in the fire and, according to the media, the Buena Vista community has rallied to help the family affected by the devastating fire.