Man gets steady supply of cats from Craigslist and then kills them

General / 14 May 2019

Man gets steady supply of cats from Craigslist and then kills them 1

A 20-year-old man from Missouri recently confessed to actively seeking out cats sold or given away on Craigslist just so he could take them home and brutally mutilate and murder them in the most sick and twisted ways.

An affidavit filed in court by St. Charles County police said Kaine Louzader  admitted to searching wanted adverts on Craigslist for cats or kittens before taking the animals back to his home, where he strangled them in a bathtub or while on a patio. He also admitted to killing some of the felines by stomping on their heads.

This all occurred between January and May 2019, during which police found one dead cat and three mutilated kittens reportedly uncovered near Wild Deer Lane. This was conveniently close to the Louzader’s home.

According to local news outlet KSDK, “Police identified Louzader to be driving a car that fit the description and contacted Louzader. Louzader eventually admitted in a police interview that he had killed multiple cats since January 1.”

Craigslist Cat

Once police brought him in for questioning, they noticed numerous cuts and scratches on Louzader’s body, which he said was from an elderly patient at the hospital he works at. Upon further inquiry, Louzader openly admitted that the marks came from his most recent victim, a cat desperately fighting for its life as he strangled it to death.

Louzader has only been charged with two counts of animal abuse. These charges are considered felonies and not misdemeanors because the cats were tortured alive, so it can only be hoped that the punishment will be harsher. Right now, Louzader is being held on a $50,000 bond.

David Barritt of animal welfare organisation, Network for Animals (NFA), believes that the impending charges on Louzader will never be enough.

“It is a horrible crime committed by a cruel and twisted individual. Unfortunately, these kinds of sadistic people are all too prevalent in today’s society. Everyone should be wary of giving animals away for free on the internet.”

Barritt emphasized that websites like Craigslist are a hot bed for serial killers like Louzader. If you visit the “pets” section of Craigslist one can find dozens of dogs and cats advertised as “free to a good home.” Even though Craigslist does not allow animals to be sold, they can still be given away for free. This is the perfect place for demented psychopaths to find their next victims.

“There have been numerous cases of animals acquired from Craigslist and then tortured. Cats killed in Kentucky, puppies mutilated in West Virginia, dogs decapitated in Nevada, and now cats mutilated in Missouri. And these are just the American examples. You can bet that other websites in other parts of the world are accomplishing the same gruesome ends. Rather entrust an animal to shelter or someone you know who is going to take care of it. Their welfare should always come first.”