Gus’s pain and suffering shocked the world

General / 7 September 2018

Gus’s pain and suffering shocked the world 1

The horribly disfigured face of a stray dog, found wandering the streets of Houston, Texas, has highlighted the pain and suffering experienced by dogs the world over.

The mixed-breed dog, named “Gus” by animal rescuers, had a shoelace tied so tightly around his neck that it caused grotesque swelling and damaged his trachea, organs and skin. X-rays also revealed that Gus was riddled with pellets, meaning he had been shot with a pellet gun several times.

“Wherever we work in the world, we see terrible cruelty and neglect of animals,” said Political Animal Lobby (PAL) spokesman, David Barritt, “but Gus’s story is particularly horrible. We are so thankful that rescuers reached him in time and were able to save him.”

Barritt was not surprised to hear that Gus was found wandering in an area of Houston where there are numerous vacant apartment buildings.

“All over the world, abandoned dogs gravitate to decayed urban areas where they find some form of shelter, but are at constant risk of hunger, disease and wanton cruelty. Our sister organisation, Network for Animals is helping dogs like Gus in urban areas in Greece, South Africa, Montenegro and Cuba and although the countries are very different, the situation is the same.

“Gus’s story reminds us that cruelty to animals is a global challenge, it doesn’t only occur in third world countries where people are poor. It happens everywhere. It is an increasing problem, symptomatic of our times. PAL’s task is to lobby governments to make sure they have animal-friendly policies in place to systematically and humanely address the global problem of dog abandonment. Spay and neuter campaigns are essential.”